Insurance Service – That Actually Serves You

Insurance Service – That Actually Serves You

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Serving you. It’s what Penny Hanley & Howley Co. Inc. does best, and we’re committed to keep doing it every day. Whether you need to file a claim, talk to an expert about updating your insurance protection, or are just looking to make a quick update on your policies, we’re here to serve you.

Sometimes what you need is a real person. Our helpful staff are here for you – contact us right away to file a claim or for any questions about updating your insurance policies. We’re here to help you.

If you’ve got questions, chances are the Penny Hanley & Howley Co. Inc. team has answers. Review our FAQ list for our take on some of the Stafford Springs area’s most common insurance questions.

We’re your neighbors in Connecticut – let us connect you with other helpful organizations that have a wealth of insurance & claims related information on the web.

Don’t know your deductible from your domicile? We’ve got a resource for that.

In Connecticut, insurance needs may change by the season, month, or even the day! Stay informed with our regularly updated insurance tips.